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BetX Site Rules

BetX’s rules are here to to create a safer, fair and enjoyable marketplace for all members. Make sure you follow these rules. If you don't, you may be subject to a range of actions, including limits of your privileges and suspension of your account.

Your BetX account - the rules

  • You may only have ONE BetX account
  • You may not attempt to bypass BetX by sending private offers to users
  • Bids and offers you make must be a genuine intention to buy
  • You may not use the comments facility for the purpose of self promotion or abuse
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Selling on BetX - the golden rules

  • You must have the RIGHT to sell the property
  • You must back up any claims of revenue or traffic with evidence
  • When an auction is listed on BetX, it must not be listed for sale anywhere else
  • NO Shill bidding. This means YOU or an intermediary may not bid on your own listing.
  • You must not intentionally hide information from public view
  • You must not copy another Sellers listing word-for-word 

    Specifically, websites you’re selling:
  • Must include all Website source files, Domain and any other related assets
  • Must use the date when the site in it’s current form was published, as the Site Established Date (not the domain age)
  • Must not contain Adult content
  • Must comply with copyright and trademark laws
  • Overall, it must be legal and not breaking any criminal laws!

We have a zero tolerance policy to any of the above infractions and breaking these can have serious implications to both your listing and your user account. Listings breaching any rules may be corrected, suspended or removed. Listing fees will be refunded as required by Australian law, and beyond that at BetX's discretion.

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Selling Starter Sites on BetX - the golden rules

These rules apply to brand new sites, listed as a “Starter Site” listing.

  • Your website must be under 3 months old
  • You must not make claims or guarantees regarding Traffic, Revenue or Page Rank in your listing
  • You must have the rights to the template in order resell it on BetX
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