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How to Sell Website, Domain & Apps on BetX

BetX is the easiest and the most suitable marketplace for you if you are planning to sell some website or domain name online. Our clients are the most sensible audience who value your business. With thousands of buyers, we have a great market where people are dying to buy websites and domain online, provided, you worth it.



You can start to sell websites and domains online for free by just following some simple steps.
For making it even easy for you, we have prepared this guide to make you familiar with the flow. Let's get started :)
login or Signup

First of all, you need to register to BetX if you have not done it yet.
Click on the signup button in the top-right corner-

On clicking the button, you will be sent to a sign up form, fill the appropriate information about yourself. Here is a demo-

After filling the genuine information, hit the Signup button. You have complete the first step towards selling your websites and domains in a great way through BetX.

If you are already registered with us, you can directly come to the dashboard by clicking on
Login and filling the ID and password will do. Now selecting the start selling button will take you to your destination-

Choose what are you selling?
Now choose the genuine category to put your business for sale so that our websites, apps and domain searches with list you in appropriate searches. In this way, you will get the buyer easily and soon.

Sell estabished website, if your website is old, reputed website (older than 3 months). Be prepared with the analytics insights to impress your customers, you will get the best price.
If your website is young and haven't completed 3 months online, choose starter websites. This category is for the websites which have potential to do better but at present, they have not earned much revenue for the owner.

"Sell domain" is the category for the people who have some innovative and creating URLs to sell. If you have some good domains for selling online, don't worry at all. In this buy sell marketplace, people are always looking for catchy domains and you will get the best price.

"Sell apps" is the special category where people can sell apps online. We allow you to sell apps online for the iOS and Android for mobile and tablet devices. If you have some innovative or useful app, you will earn a lot here.
Once, selected your category,

Tell us. How do you want to sell your asset?

Select among "Free Auction online" for your website or app or domain if you want to allow buyers to put their prices forward. In this way, you can choose the winner, who is willing to pay the highest. It Include free escrow + relisting. Use this if you want more buyers and a quick, successful sale.

"Classified listing" will put up your offer in waiting list so that the interested buyers can make private offers. Use this if you are happy to take longer to make a sale or settle for a lower price.
We charge our listings with 10% success fee, only if that listing is sold successfully.
Once you are done. Fill the name of your website, which you want to sell online and click on get Started. It will bring you to a page where you have to fill correct details, requiring small efforts. It will hardly take 5-10 minutes to complete these tiny 7 steps-


Select the type of Website. Fill in the Traffic and Revenue details according to the analytics reports. To attract the buyers, highlight your listing with Tagline, summary and description. Now complete the details regarding pricing, sale type and payment methods.

You can also promote your listing by paying a small amount, it will enhance the chances by 3 times.
Finally, click on the Launch button and get ready to earn. We will bring you the best buyers who are interested in buying your domain, website or app online, Good Luck!


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