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Jelly Garden Match 3 Complete Unity Project+EDITOR

Base Price $189 USD

Multiple license $399

Reskin & Launch Service $1199

Price $189

Instant payment via PayPal

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Category Mobile
High Resolution No
Compatible With   Android 4.1.x, Android 4.2.x, Android 4.3.x, Android 4.4, Android 5.0, iOS 8.0.x, iOS 8.1.x, iOS 9.0.x, iOS 9.1.x, iOS 9.2.x
Documentation Well Documented
Layout Not Responsive
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Changes and update manual


Android DEMO

Documentation file

How to create the new levels on map

How to build on iOS



You don't need to hire a programmer to REPLACE advertising network and for Facebook integrate. We did it for you! 

We work a lot on the project, that you get a quality product. That allows you to earn good money. If you find a bug or have some suggestions please contact us in comment area here. 

Asset constantly developing. You can be sure about the quality of the product and quick support. We are always happy to help you understand the project and give recommendations for further development. 

Please leave your rating for this Asset. We are really appreciate it! 

Please, if you have questions or wishes, write us a comment below! 
Make sure the answer to your question is not included in the project documentation. 
We will support you as soon as possible!

Thank you! 

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Bubble Witch Shooter Match 3
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Thank you!

Jelly Garden Match 3 includes: 

- LEVEL editor 
- IAP editor 
- POPUP editor 
- GUI helper 
- ADS controller 
- Friends on a MAP 

This game has everything that you could as simple as possible and faster to create a games of your dream: 

* Map 
* UnityADS 
* Level EDITOR 
* Leadboard 
* Friends on a MAP 
* Visual Tutorial 
* Ads controller 
* 100 tested LEVELS 
* Cross platform Android and IOS 
* Different IAPs 
* Great Visual and Sounds effects 
* Five game obstacles 
* Many game features 
* Easy for reskin 
* Gems shop 
* Shop of Life refill 
* Facebook "share" button 
* "Rate us" button 

Those features provides you the best opportunities! 

* Save a time 
* Don't need a programming skills 
* Unique level design 
* Easy for reskin 
* Clear documentation 
* Easy for improvement 

If you buy this Asset you will receive: 

- Hight Quality asset 
- Really Fast support 
- Best Match 3 games

Recommended Unity3D 5.3. or higher.

In Documentation you can search detail information how reskin this amazing Jelly Match 3 Game for Unity. It very easy. You need just to put your images in Assets/Textures folders with the same names like in the project (only .PNG format).

Ver 2.1.1 from 2016-12-06

Fixed: Chartboost enabling

from 2016-12-02
Fixed: Map borders changing 
Fixed: Facebook 7.9 settings error

Ver.2.0 from 2016-10-31
Added: Leadboard on level between friends 
Added: Facebook player and friends icons on map 
Added: Facebook logout button 
Added: Clear player prefs button in editor->settings 
Fixed: some bugs

Ver.1.6.2 from 2016-10-02

Fixed: Facebook initialization (New!)

Fixed: showing ads

Ver.1.6.1 from 2016-08-12 waiting to approval...

  1. 1. Fixed: Facebook sharing app name
  2. 2. Fixed: Some ads worked regardless frequency value
  3. 3. Fixed: ingredients and stripped item can't be switched without matching
  4. 4. Fixed: Ice block behaviours
  5. 5. Fixed: ingredient falling check win or lose
  6. 6. Fixed: Thriving block covers only simple items
  7. 7. Improved plugins integration. Just import plugin. No need to enable or disable it.
  8. 8. Effect for lollipop booster was improved

Version 1.6 from 2016-06-06

  1. 1. Fixed: sometimes items stuck in one square
  2. 2. Fixed: purchased boost items not disappear after no match
  3. 3. Added: visual tutorial
  4. 4. Changed ads frequency, now it is frequency of calling particular ad. In example you need to lose 4 times to get an ad.
  5. 5. Fixed: bugs with searching combines.
  6. 6. Fixed minor bugs

Ver.1.5 from 2016-04-04. 

  1. 1. Fixed: Sync sound of stars in winning menu
  2. 2. Added: control of ads frequency

Ver.1.4.1 from 2016-03-08.

  1. 1. Fixed: power items can stuck in ice block
  2. 2. Fixed: Adding new level
  3. 3. Fixed: showing rate popup restored
  4. 4. Fixed: in-apps error fixed
  5. 5. Fixed: auto login to facebook if sharing pressed


Version 1.4 from 2016-03-01.

  1. 1. Fixed: Map timer reset after quit.
  2. 2. Fixed: depending of the editor from absolute path
  3. 3. Fixed: Unity ads works with old and new accounts
  4. 4. Deleted: Plugins folder. Every plugin installs by request from editor.
  5. 5. Added: Ads controller. Show ads where you want by selecting game event.
  6. 6. Renamed: Reward class to RewardIcon
  7. 7. Replaced: Unity In-apps instead Open IAB. Unity In-apps integrated.
  8. 8. Added: Help buttons and Help section in editor
  9. 9. Updated documentation
  10. 10. Added: auto opening game scene and help editor window from starting project
  11. 11. Added: smooth moving map

To update. 
I advice you to create new project. But if you want to update your current version do next:
Delete next folders inside Assets and inside Assets/JellyGarden: 
Plugins, Chartboost, FacebookSDK, GoogleMobileAds, Standard Assets
You can import just next folders: Scripts, SmartLevelsMap.
During importing to old version Unity can crash but never mind about it just restart Unity.



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